Roti are a wheat based flat bread which are especially popular in Trinidad.  They are often filled with yellow lentils and called dalpoori Roti (or split pea Roti) and stuffed with savoury fillings, baked and called 'doubles'.  

Our Roti are unique in that they are made from locally grown organic flour  and milled in the Mill at Swaffham Prior.

We have wholemeal and plain roti and also can provide Roti for you to use at home if you send us your order using the web form in the contact us section.

We specialise in home made Caribbean street food favourite Roti wraps served with various fillings. Roti are very popular in Trinidad and other Caribbean islands. Our Roti are authentic, hand made and organic.  The flour is grown in Cambridgeshire and milled at Fosters Mill.

We also sell larger portion box meals served with organic rice and peas, salads and organic drinks. 

You can find us at most local street food events and have traded with Cambridge Food Park and on Cambridge Markets.  Check out social media for upcoming events.